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romantic foreplay ideasRomantic Bedroom Foreplay Ideas

What are some bedroom romantic foreplay ideas for men. Most men do not realize that foreplay starts 24 hours before sex for most women.

Most women need a heart and emotional and romantic connection before wanting sex. If a man does not hug and touch his partner during he day then it is likely what when he does give her a kiss at night in the bedroom she will feel that he is only kissing her for sex.

So one great easy romantic foreplay idea is to hug your partner a lot during the day. Now and then, just take her into your arms and kiss her and say you could not resist as you love kissing her some much.

A romantic foreplay idea I did the other day was to purchase some red roses. When my lover was making dinner, I sneaked into her bedroom and put rose petals on and in her bed and pillow.

This romantic bedroom foreplay idea really worked well as she loved it and I got a real good cuddle that night. Purchase some massage oil that has some scents added.

Women have a great imagination and men can use that to take them on a romantic journey. Jus describe lying on the beach and the sounds and smells and ask her to relax.

Use all the senses in your description and then turn it a little erotic and romantic with a man of her dreams approaching her and rubbing oil all over her body. I have done this romantic idea over the phone and the women has come with no stimulation at all.