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When it comes to sex, there are tons of positions that people use to keep things fun and interesting. That’s how you must think of foreplay as well. Exploring new foreplay positions for oral and manual sex can help to put that spark back into your life. Here are some of the best foreplay positions for lovers:

 Doggie: Most couples have tried doggie style sex, but a surprising few have ever considered this as one of their foreplay positions. Have your partner get on all fours to see what you’ve been missing. The “from behind” position allows you new angels, as well as easy anal access.

68: You’ve heard of the 69 position, but have you tried the 68 foreplay positions? In this version, one person lays on the bed and the other lays on top, but facing the ceiling instead of facing his/her partner. This works for males or females, but is especially good for cunnilingus.

Inverted: just as the 68 foreplay position works better for girls, the inverted works better for guys. For this position, the female lays with her head hanging upside down – inverted off the side of the bed – to perform fellatio. For bonus points, the male can lean forward, giving you a fun makeshift 69 position.

The three foreplay positions listed above aren’t by far the only foreplay positions you and your partner should try. Move around in bed instead of remaining in the same boring foreplay positions every time. Foreplay is something that should be enjoyed, and if you get more adventurous with it, your sex will naturally improve as well.


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