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Six Arousing Foreplay Techniques

Learn some special arousing foreplay techniques to hot up your sex life. Try some new foreplay ideas each time you make love so lovemaking does not get boring. Some of the ideas below can be challenging for some but try them anyhow.

Arousing Foreplay techniques: Tip One

Try role playing games and you can start this before lovemaking. The idea is that you each select a role to act out.  One of my role playing fantasies is to pick up a hitchhiker and then she seduces me in the car. A common role playing idea is to act out picking up your partner in a bar. It is good to change the roles so one is the seducer and one the seduced and then change the roles.

Arousing Foreplay techniques: Tip Two

Another idea is to meet at a bar or nightclub but pretend you do not know your partner. So one partner has to practice pick up lines and to seduce the other. It is good that one partner teases the other and makes it hard for him or her. Erotic dancing on the dance floor can be a real turn on. Teasing is a great arousing technique.

Arousing  Foreplay techniques: Tip Three

Kissing on the neck is very hot for most women. Light kissing all over her body including the toes. Kissing can be light, wet, firm, strong etc. Licking up the spine can help the energy move in the body. See breast and foreplay.

Arousing Foreplay techniques: Tip Four

Teasing is a great method of foreplay. Touch all areas of the body but not the penis or vulva for ages. Tease and tease some more until your partner is begging you to touch the genitals. This teasing foreplay really builds up the energy and the desire for much more. Take a lot of time teasing and touching.

The more adventurous can use bondage in this teasing. Have a code word that means stop at once to help build up the safety issue.

Arousing Foreplay techniques: Tip Five

Try masterbating in front of each other or take turns watching the other masturbate. This can be really educational as you learn what your lover really likes in genital touching. How about one been tied up and the other masturbates in front of him or her?

Arousing  Foreplay ideas techniques: Tip Six

Erotic stories can be a real turn on. Try phoning and and our lover on a sexual story. Be very descriptive and include all the senses in the story. For example the colors, sounds, smells, touch under her feet etc. I like to start at the beach or in a rainforest.