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Women really love receiving during sex a LOT of sensual foreplay. Discover some great foreplay ideas, positions and techniques to try the next time you make love.

Most men are just too quick in sex, so this site is about erotic and sensual foreplay.  Most women are like water and take a while to bring to the boil while most men are like fire and get hot quick and go out quick too!

The best foreplay tip for men is just to slow down. Make love for hours. If you have trouble doing this see my manual at sexual ecstasy in 14 days

Foreplay ideas Foreplay positions and techniques: Tip One

If you are just using foreplay to turn on your lover so you can start intercourse, then she could feel that you are not accepting her as she is. foreplay ideasSo I suggest to really enjoy erotic foreplay for foreplays sake with no goal at all. If you really enjoy and get turned on by foreplay, your lover will feel this energy and it will turn on her too.

Dirty talking is a great way to hot up the vibe and most ladies really respond to this approach. This is because the guy gets into a more masculine energy that turns women on. For more see examples of great dirty talking.

Foreplay ideas,  Foreplay positions and techniques: Tip Two

Generally, really slow down your touch and be really present in the sensations in your hands when erotically touching your lover. See if you can get out of your mind and really into your body and the joy of touching your lover.

Foreplay ideas,  Foreplay positions and techniques: Tip Three

foreplay techniquesFeather light touch is very erotic for most women most of the time. See if you can just touch the fine hairs on a woman's body in sexual foreplay. Slow and very light can really be a turn on and most men are too hard and fast in erotic touch.

Foreplay ideas,  Foreplay positions and techniques: Tip Four

Be sure to vary your sex foreplay ideas and try new techniques most of the time you make love. Playing safe leads to boring sex. How about using ice cubes, feathers, silk and fake fur to touch your lover?

Foreplay ideas,  Foreplay positions and techniques: Tip Five

A woman's breast is her positive energy pole like the man's penis is his positive one so spend a lot of time when the women is more turned on touching the breasts. See if you can feel her emotions when touching in sexual foreplay.

Foreplay ideas,  Foreplay positions and techniques: Tip Six

Try erotic sucking on the big toes as men and women find this every sexual and erotic. The anus can be another erotic zone that can be very stimulating for some men and woman.

Foreplay ideas,  Foreplay  positions and techniques: Tip Seven

Communication is a must for great sex. Communicate what you like and ask your lover what she or he likes etc. Try to expand your inhibitions a little too if your partner suggests challenging foreplay ideas.

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